Who we are

ECOS, Environmental Coalition on Standards, is an international NGO with a network of members and experts advocating for environmentally friendly technical standards, policies and laws. We ensure the environmental voice is heard when they are developed and drive change by providing expertise to policymakers and industry players, leading to the implementation of strong environmental principles.

ECOS has over 20 years of experience in promoting the environmental interest in the development of standards, laws and policies, and our role in these processes is highly valued and widely recognised. Our vision is a healthy and clean environment, protected by robust rules that respect nature and its resources.

Our successes consistently impact standards and laws promoting the environment – whether that’s the clean transition to a circular economy or combating climate change. We also work towards a more inclusive, open and transparent standardisation system, internationally and at the European and national levels.

In addition, we are part of a number of impactful alliances and campaigns, such as the Rethink Plastic alliance, Coolproducts, Right to Repair, the Cool Coalition, Platform for Electro-mobility, Coalition for Energy Savings, and the One Planet Network, where we cooperate with other NGOs, progressive companies, and researchers, advocating for a greener future for all. We are also a member of the Green Electronics Council’s EPEAT Advisory Council.

We cooperate with the United Nations and with the EU institutions, including as a member of the European Commission’s Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Consultation Forum, the European Commission’s Platform for Sustainable Finance, and as an observer on the Committee on Standards.

Our Mission

ECOS is an international NGO with a network of members and experts advocating for environmentally friendly technical standards, policies and laws.

The ECOS legal statutes are available in French and in English.

Governance & Executive Committee

ECOS is managed by an Executive Committee composed of representatives from its member organisations, and in some cases independent members. The members of the Executive Committee are elected by the Annual General Assembly for one year and meet three to five times per year. The Executive Committee provide strategic direction to the Secretariat.

Each year the Executive Committee propose policy and strategic objectives as well as the annual work programme and budget for the following year to be approved by the General Assembly, as well as preparing the annual accounts for the previous year.

The day-to-day management of ECOS is provided by the Executive Director, supported the Executive Management Team and the Secretariat.

Executive Committee members are:

  • President: Greg Archer, Transport and Environment (T&E), EU
  • Vice President: Emilie Carmichael, Energy Savings Trust, UK
  • Treasurer: Gianmarco Santirocco, Individual capacity
  • Robert Brett, Individual capacity
  • Francisco Ferreira, ZERO, Portugal
  • Marion Hasper Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND)/German environmental NGOs coordination network for standardisation (KNU), Germany
  • Meletis Fouskaris, ECOCITY, Greece
  • Patrick ten Brink, The European Environmental Bureau (EEB), EU

Our Experts

ECOS works with a unique network of experts, including academics and consultants, who share our goals and values. They provide us with technical expertise and represent our views in European or international technical processes. The ECOS secretariat selects the experts based on strict criteria, following public calls for experts.

A generic call for experts can be found here, while all open calls are listed at the bottom of this page.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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