ECOS is managed by an Executive Committee composed of representatives from its member organisations, and in some cases independent members. The members of the Executive Committee are elected by the Annual General Assembly for one year and meet three to five times per year. The Executive Committee provide strategic direction to the Secretariat.

Each year the Executive Committee propose policy and strategic objectives as well as the annual work programme and budget for the following year to be approved by the General Assembly, as well as preparing the annual accounts for the previous year.

The day-to-day management of ECOS is provided by the Executive Director, supported by the Executive Management Team and the Secretariat.

Executive Committee members are:

  • President: Emilie Carmichael, Energy Saving Trust, UK
  • Vice President: Marion Hasper, Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND)/German environmental NGOs coordination network for standardisation (KNU), Germany
  • Treasurer: Gianmarco Santirocco, Individual capacity
  • Greg Archer, Transport and Environment (T&E), EU
  • Robert Brett, Individual capacity
  • Patrick ten Brink, The European Environmental Bureau (EEB), EU
  • Julika Dittrich, Umweltdachverband (UWD), Austria
  • Francisco Ferreira, ZERO, Portugal
  • Meletis Fouskaris, Individual capacity

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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