21 September 2015

Improving the system – Friends of the Standardisation Roundtable

The Friends of the Standardisation Roundtable, held on the 1st of July 2015, sought to build on the Independent Review report and look at further improvements to the European Standardisation System. The Independent Review, contracted by the European Commission to Ernst & Young, was a first step towards better understanding the current system, in order to build upon it to allow the European standardisation system tackle present and future challenges effectively.

Bringing together 200 participants, ranging from European Standardisation Bodies and Member States, to industry representatives and societal stakeholders, the standardisation system was discussed, focusing on its governance, the interaction within it, and the communication with the system.

The results of the Round Table will be reflected in the Single Market Package of autumn 2015.

Laura Degallaix, ECOS Director, stressed the importance of transparency and inclusiveness in the standardisation system, pointing out that national NGOs should receive technical and financial support. Furthermore, she pointed out that if the standards development process is sped up, the participation of the weakest stakeholders, including NSBs with little capacities, may be jeopardised.

The full report of the roundtable, including more of ECOS comments, can be read here.  

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