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  • Climate action needs better products

    The EU has recently paved the way for longer-lasting products. Now we must enshrine this ambition into our future European Green Deal, Coolproducts campaigners wrote in a letter to the incoming European Commission this week.

  • Press release: EU to pull plug on wasteful, unrepairable products

    Newly adopted EU laws will make several products easier to repair and more energy efficient, saving people money as well as reducing pollution, NGOs in the Coolproducts campaign said.

  • Response to the Discussion Note on possible implementation of a Reparability Scoring System

    We strongly support the work of the European Commission and Joint Research Centre to develop an approach to assess the ability to repair energy related products (ErP). Establishing a scoring system building upon the recently drafted CEN-CENELEC prEN 45554 standard, is a first step. This can influence the reparability of products on the market by integration with labelling and further regulatory action. Reparability is a relatively new policy focus, so it is important to ensure that the scoring system and supporting initiatives are robust, enforceable and do not leave open any loopholes.

  • The Future of the MEErP – Reinforcement Of Circular Economy Aspects In The Methodology

    The focus of regulatory activities under the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC has so far mainly been on the energy efficiency of energy related products (ErP). However, there is now an urgent need for a shift in focus to better account for wider products impacts due to a number of trends.

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