05 November 2015

Recommendations for a European Product Database

Why and how Europe should introduce mandatory product registration and a public database for energy-related products? In this recommendation and discussion paper we have co-written with our partner TopTen, the benefits of a product database are presented. The paper argues that mandatory product registration with a related database will provide market data for policy decisions and support market surveillance. 

The key recommendations of the paper for a product database include:

  • Public: the database needs to be publicly accessible, at least to a good part. We support the Commission’s proposal to have all the information that is public today (information provided on energy label and label fiche) in this publicly accessible section. Such a database will ensure that all stakeholders have access to the same information and can provide well-informed input to the policy making process.
  • Searchable: the data must be available in a format that allows for easy filtering and ordering of the products according to key specifications. It is not sufficient to have the label and the information sheet as pdfs available in the database.
  • ‘Model families’: the database needs to provide an overview on ‘model families’ of technically identical (‘equivalent’) models: for market surveillance authorities and consumers it is key to see which models are declared based on the test of which ‘basic’ model. Also information in which country-specific models are sold would be of great use. This would allow for consumer tools on the one hand, and facilitate sharing and using test results by market surveillance authorities internationally on the other hand.

The paper can be read here


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