11 March 2016

Voting Recommendation: Residential solid fuel burning appliances

With the upcoming vote on the approval of FprEN 16510-1 on “Residential solid fuel burning appliances”, ECOS and INFORSE-Europe recommend standardisers to reject it.

The current standard is not appropriate for supporting Regulation (EU) 2015/1185, even in the short-term. The current standard fails to address two of the three proposed methods and modalities for measurements of particulate matter in the regulation and in the related draft standardisation request. It only includes one of the three measuring methods, and also a method that is not to be used for Regulation (EU) 2015/1185.

The approval may result in the delay of the new, needed, standard while the current standard may make discussions for the new one more difficult. 

The full voting recommendation against FprEN 16510-1 is available here

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