13 June 2017

The new Energy Label – The plusses & the minuses

labelToday, the European Parliament approved the reform of the EU Energy Label.

Our comprehensive guide on the revised Energy Label Regulation takes you through how the new label will be developed, how it will work, which products it will affect and when. We also provide an overview of the EU product database which will launch in 2019.

The new Regulation will trigger the rescale of the label, which will now be from A-G without confusing plusses (A+, A++, A+++). The revised label will help consumers cut energy use and household bills, and lends a generous hand to EU ambitions to reduce its energy consumption.

Several shortcomings remain in the Regulation. This includes a slow transition for products to use the new label, which will cause confusion for consumers for several years. Provisions related to the consideration of absolute energy use, resource efficiency, market surveillance, consumer protection, and the promotion of the new labels are also weak and will require additional efforts to be made after the new Regulation comes into force. This will take place in the coming months following the Council formally voting.

You can read about the plusses and the minuses of the new Energy Label Regulation here



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