20 October 2015

Sustainability Criteria for Bioenergy

ECOS has been actively following and contributing to the drafting of ISO 13065 in the context of ISO/PC (ISO Project Committee) 248 ‘Sustainability criteria for bioenergy’. The international standard on Sustainability Criteria for Bioenergy (also known as ISO 13065) sets principle, criteria, and indicators by which the production, transportation and processing of particular bioenergy sources can be monitored and assessed for environmental, social and other values.

We are now pleased to announce that on September 15th 2015, the standard was adopted and published.  

A credible and comprehensive system of sustainability criteria for bioenergy is likely to be useful in promoting better biofuels and bioenergy, while discouraging the production of bio-energy that harms the environment and local communities. The standard is not an eco-label in the sense that it gives thresholds on what is to be considered “sustainable”, but rather provides a framework for reporting on sustainability in bioenergy processes.

A brief explanation of what the standard entails, looking at the promises of a global approach, and the advantages and disadvantages of it, is available here


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