03 November 2015

Success! Harmful flame retardants a no-go

ECOS is thrilled to announce that, after a battle lasting several years, the so-called ‘external ignition requirements’ for televisions and other electronic equipment will not be included in four international and European standards (IEC/EN 62368 and IEC/EN 60065). Flame retardants, which disingenuously are intended to prevent products to catch fire rapidly, are known to pose serious risks to human health and the environment. Safer alternatives to the use of flame retardants exist, allowing to protect consumers from fire risks without jeopardising health or the environment.
Working together with our members and partners, our coordinated campaign resulted in a large majority of countries mobilised against external ignition requirements, blowing out the candle for flame retardant proponents worldwide. 
Learn more about the “candle standard” here.

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