29 July 2016

Standardisation work begins on On-Board Metering for electric vehicles

Following ECOS’ successful advocacy for inclusion of on-board metering of electric vehicles (EVs) to be included in the Standardisation Request M/541 ‘certain measuring instruments’, work began on the 25th May in CLC/TC 13 ‘Electrical energy measurement and control’ to produce a standardisation deliverable.

In the first meeting, ECOS outlined why on-board metering will be a key technology for future developments in eMobility and how this could be technically achieved. The approach proposed includes using a ‘multi-device’ metering system, which harnesses the digital sensors of the electric vehicle to reduce cost and complexity. Discussions are ongoing on how best to divide the work amongst European and international technical committees, with the expectation to produce a result by December 2017.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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