13 October 2015

Standardisation to support electric meters on-board electric vehicles

ECOS is pleased with the adoption of a European Commission’s request to the standard organisations for the development of standards on certain measuring instruments, concerning the legal metrological control of delivery of electricity for use in electrical means of transport, such as home electricity meters. In particular, ECOS welcomes the inclusion of On-Board Metering (OBM) requirements, which we have called for, over a significant amount of time. 

In our view, On-Board Metering will allow:

  1. To reduce investment costs of infrastructure, by reusing existing charging infrastructure;
  2. To measure all electricity used by EVs (including stand-by consumptions, energy efficiency, heating and cooling and CO2 accounting), so as to provide greater transparency to consumers;
  3. To document all recharging activities for billing, taxation or similar purposes;
  4. To enable future advanced recharging technologies such as shared conductive and wireless charging;

The ECOS position paper on OBM can be found here.

The mandate shall now be adopted by the European Commission and submitted to the European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs) for adoption. ECOS calls on the ESOs to accept the mandate and start developing standards accordingly, in close cooperation with all stakeholders.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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