11 February 2016

Public Consultation: Environmental monitoring and reporting

Earlier this year public consultation environmentthe European Commission launched a public consultation on streamlining, monitoring, and reporting obligations in environment policy. This consultation is part of a ‘Fitness Check’ which aims at ensuring that environmental monitoring and reporting is fit for purpose: delivering the right information, at the right time, and in an efficient way.

The objective of this consultation was to help the Commission validate principles such as proportionality, accessibility, and relevance that it should use for assessing environmental reporting requirements. Further, it gathered views regarding whether reporting requirements are in line with those principles.

With the scope of this consultation being rather general, ECOS focused its response on underlining the importance of setting harmonised standards for monitoring, and reporting obligations in order to regularly collect clear, reliable, complete and comparable data across Member States. In addition, full transparency and accessibility of the environmental information provided should be a paramount consideration in this context. Results of such reporting and monitoring should allow EU authorities to take corrective action in case of insufficient or non-compliance with environmental legislation. Monitoring and reporting requirements are essential conditions for the proper implementation and compliance with the EU’s environmental policy.

Following the public consultation, a summarising report will be prepared and a communication will provide the first results in early 2016. The overall findings of the Fitness Check will be made available on the Commission website, tentatively in 2017.

Read ECOS full response to the public consultation here

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