24 September 2015

Promoting Natural Refrigerants in European and International Standardisation

ECOS conditionally welcomes the findings of the F-GAS Consultation Forum according to Art. 23 of Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gas Regulation) ‘Barriers to the uptake of low GWP alternatives to HFCs related to standards, codes and legislation’.

In the realisation of recommendations made from the findings, ECOS proposes the following series of actions:

Short-term Recommendations:
Action 1: Development of an EC Standardisation Request
Action 2: establishment of a European Commission Low GWP Refrigerant Working Group
Action 3: Creation of Technical Annexes to the F-Gas Regulation and the ATEX Directive

Long-term Recommendations:
Action 1: Improve the balance of interests in relevant standardisation technical committees
Action 2: Greater rights for societal stakeholders in standardisation at national and European levels

All of ECOS recommendations are available in our position paper.

 Image: Flickr/Creative Commons

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