25 May 2018

CEN-CENELEC Adaptation to Climate Change Coordination Group – work underway

We are pleased to announce that the CEN-CENELEC Adaptation to Climate Change Coordination Group (ACC-CG) has started working on the second phase of the European Commission’s standardisation request M/526.

Adopted in 2014 to support the EU Adaptation Strategy, this mandate intends to better coordinate, promote a consistent approach and, above all, include the adaptation thinking into existing and future standards on infrastructures (transport, energy, construction and ICT).

Phase 1 of the mandate led to the development of a shortlist of 13 standards that should be revised/developed to better include the adaptation needs. This work, completed in 2016, is the basis for Phase 2, during which the actual revision/development of those standards will take place.

 Phase 2 kicked off on 26 April 2018 and will run for approximately 3 years. The idea behind this initiative is to better embed in the standards the need to carry out vulnerability and risk assessments taking into account our changing climate, and better reflect on potential measures that would decrease the exposure to the identified risks.

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