04 April 2016

Joint Declaration: Time to deliver flexible power markets

ECOS joins other leading associations and industry groups with a clear stake in Europe’s energy policy to call for ambitious proposals for electricity market reforms in 2016.

We share the conviction that only a flexible and dynamic energy system, making the best use of innovative and distributed supply and demand options, can ensure a cost-efficient and sustainable transition towards a decarbonised energy system.

We strongly believe that a market-driven environment is the best means to provide long-term investment signals while meeting all system needs and accommodating the growing share of renewable energy in the energy mix. The completion of the Internal Energy Market will improve system adequacy and efficiency, increase security of supply, support the competitiveness of European industry, and help deliver the energy and climate goals stemming from the COP 21 agreement and EU’s post-2020 objectives on emissions reductions, energy efficiency and renewables.

The Group of Associations call for three reforms:

  1.  Providing adequate price signals and further integration of short-markets across borders;
  2. Ensuring a balanced approach to system adequacy that fully takes into account the contribution from the different energy sources;
  3. Implementing a level playing field for all flexibility providers to foster the pan-European trading of electricity and grid support services.

The full statement and our recommendations for an ambitious reform of the energy market can be read here.

Full list of signatories: European Wind Energy Association; Solar Power Europe; Gas Naturally; the European Association for Storage of Energy; Confederation of European Paper Industries; Smart Energy Demand Coalition; European Environmental Citizens’ Organisation for Standardisation; European Solar Thermal Electricity Association; EUROBAT; the European Building Automation Controls Association and the European Engine Power Plants Association.  

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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