10 December 2020

Watch our webinar on heating decarbonisation!

Decarbonising heating is both necessary and entirely possible. Would you like to find out how we can use ecodesign and energy labelling policies to drastically cut CO2 emissions? Watch our webinar!

On 10 December our Programme Manager Mélissa Zill, Jan Rosenow from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) and Thomas Nowak from the European Heat Pump Association led through a webinar dedicated to decarbonising the EU heating sector!

We discussed:

  • how to revise the existing ecodesign and energy labelling measures to achieve our climate targets
  • the feasibility of large scale electrification of domestic heating & the role of hydrogen
  • the heat pump industry’s take on reviewing the current legislation & putting electrification into practice

The webinar also presented our new report, which shows how a phase out of gas and oil boilers could bring about 110 million tonnes of annual CO2 savings by 2050, allowing us to meet the EU climate neutrality targets.

You can download the slides here or watch the webinar recording:

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