30 March 2016

“Friends of Standardisation”: A Common Inititiative

The Joint Initiative on European Standardisation (JIES) was announced in the European Commission’s Single Market Strategy, published in October 2015, with a view to further strengthen the role of standards for competitiveness, innovation, and progress in the Single Market. The JIES is expected to represent a joint commitment of the wider European standardisation community – often referred to by the Commission as the “Friends of the Standardisation” – to, on a voluntary basis, contribute to the modernisation of the standardisation system in support of Juncker’s Ten Priorities and other EU policies and initiatives.

Bringing together the European Commission, national standard bodies, the European standardisation organisations, Member States, industry and Annex III Organisations (ANEC, ECOS, ETUC, and SBS), the Editorial Committee of the JIES has had its seventh meeting on 18 March 2016. A shared Vision Statement with a list of proposed actions is expected to be signed by all those willing to contribute to future follow-up actions under the Dutch Presidency to the European Union, on 13 June 2016. Details on the actions including the timeline for implementation will then be developed.

ECOS has been greatly involved in promoting further transparency and inclusiveness in the standards’ development process at European level and internationally. We have also been calling for efforts to be made to facilitate the involvement of societal stakeholders at national level, especially environmental organisations. We also hope that future actions will follow-up on the recommendations of the 2010 report of the Expert Panel for the Review of the European Standardisation System (EXPRESS) and of the Independent Review of the European Standardisation System.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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