01 May 2018

European Commission consults on its standardisation priorities for 2019

In April the European Commission consulted key stakeholders, including ECOS, on its standardisation priorities for 2019.

ECOS supports the overall coverage of proposed activities in key environmental areas, namely climate change & energy, and the circular economy. The priorities include significant plans for the development of quality standards for sorted plastics waste and for recycled plastics. Biodegradability and compostability claims are gaining a lot of public attention, therefore it is important to swiftly clarify rules for the marking of such plastics to ensure their proper end-of-life treatment.

The European Commission has also proposed to prioritise the transition to clean mobility and clean energy, in particular with significant plans on batteries as part of its recently published Strategic Action Plan on Batteries. ECOS also called for action on air quality, fertilizers, ecodesign, adaptation to climate change, and sustainable finance.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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