Transport 18 November 2016

ECOS Webinar – Taking the high way: Electro-mobility and standardisation

electro-mobility-banner1 December 11:00 am – 12:00 CET
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ECOS Policy Officer Thomas Willson will be joined by Renault Senior EV Project Manager Philippe Dupuy and Energy Bus Executive Director Hannes Neupert. Together they will discuss the role and importance of standards in supporting the electro-mobility transition, particularly in relation to Infrastructure, Electric Vehicles and Light Electric Vehicles.

A fundamental objective of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive is to create the conditions to establish a single market and economies of scale for electro-mobility. With the aim to ‘close the missing link’ on infrastructure and standards, the Directive provides measures to support the building an EU-wide network of charging points and the development of standards. The ECOS webinar will explore the need for these standards to support the development of electro-mobility, and provide insight into key standards supporting Europe’s electro-mobility transition.

Standards are used to strengthen interoperability, improve safety and consumer choice, integrate companies into global value chains, and reduce costs. They are a key component for success in the development of Europe’s electro-mobility sector, and underpin the complex interactions of all relevant actors in the EU.

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