Transport 19 December 2016

ECOS Webinar – Taking the high way: Electro-mobility and standardisation

Member States are in the process of finalising their National Policy Frameworks for the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFI Directive). As standards play a significant part in this, ECOS held a webinar to discuss their role to support the electro-mobility transition.

ECOS Policy Officer Thomas Willson was joined by Renault Senior Electric Vehicle Project Manager Philippe Dupuy and EnergyBus Executive Director Hannes Neuport. ECOS provided an overview of the standardisation landscape in relation to the AFI Directive and the technical challenges faced in several key eMobility standards currently under development. Renault raised the importance of standards to address interoperability, but stressed that they must be reinforced with a regulatory framework.  EnergyBus provided an insight into Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) standardisation, and aspects to consider to ensure that Europe realises the full potential benefits of LEVs.

More information on ECOS’ work in electromobility is available here.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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