27 February 2017

ECOS promotes Smart homes & Smart grids

smart appliancesECOS continues its work on smart homes and smart grids on the European level by working alongside the European Commission, the European Standardisation Organisations, and policy makers.

In January, The European Climate Foundation brought together key stakeholders to discuss how to integrate policy and standardisation work on smart grids, homes, and electric vehicles. With the cars of the future needing to charge their batteries from the power system, while also providing storage possibilities together with wall mounted batteries. ECOS offered its expertise from the perspective of smart home and meter standardisation, and its work on standardising electric car infrastructure.     

ECOS also contributed to the work of the European Commission Smart Grid Taskforce which is currently planning its work for 2017 & 2018. The European Commission gathered the leading players working on smart grids at the EU-level in its Steering Group meeting held in February. ECOS, as the only environmental NGO present, joined distribution system operators and market to discuss priorities for the coming months and years on rolling out and standardising smart grids in Europe in order to decarbonise the power system.  

Finally, ECOS has joined the newly created CEN-CENELEC ETSI Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities Sector Forum (SSCC-SF). It acts as a platform for knowledge exchange, to strengthen Smart City standards and advise stakeholders on strategic developments. ECOS will participate in the SSCC-SF to contribute to deliverables of the group and build internal capacity to influence the development of Smart City standards at a European level.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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