07 December 2017

ECOS contributes to Secretarial Enquiry of material efficiency standards

ECOS has submitted comments on the eight standards of the material efficiency (M/543) project that were under secretarial enquiry in November. The series of standards cover a considerable range of material efficiency parameters, including durability, reparability and recyclability of products, and are meant to provide a set of generic assessment methodologies to facilitate future regulatory discussions and future product-specific standards.

Despite the secretarial enquiry’s short deadline of six weeks, ECOS together with our members and experts submitted 56 pages of comments. Our constructive comments aimed to:

  • Maintain a focus on technical parameters influencing durability, reparability and recyclability
  • Capture all parameters that influence reparability, such as the speed of repair, ease of disassembly and access to repair information
  • Propose concrete ways for product differentiation on the relevant aspects, such as scoring or ranking systems, qualitative and quantitative assessment methods.

The standardisation working groups under TC10 are now busy with meetings and sessions to discuss and resolve the comments from all stakeholders. ECOS has so far been present in every step of this project and plans to continue its involvement until the conclusion of the project. This clearly demonstrates to all stakeholders how important this project is for ECOS as an integral part of the Circular Economy package Action Plan, and our willingness, as representatives of the environmental community in standards, to contribute to the progress of this project with concrete proposals.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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