30 October 2017

Digi-Label Roundtable September 2017

Digi-Label project partners discussed work-progress in a two-day meeting in September and also hosted the second Partners Roundtable. The roundtable consists of a group of expert advisors composed of retailers, manufacturers, consumers representatives and other stakeholders taking part in the project. The findings from the two pilot studies in Spain and the UK, together with stakeholders’ advice, are key for the refining of the digital solution and for developing PocketWatt. PocketWatt tool will allow consumers to access additional information that complements the current energy label and product information both in stores and online.

ECOS is leading the development of the digital solution in collaboration with the consortium members with the goal to influence consumer buying choices and ultimately deliver greater energy savings and increased market share of the highest performing appliances.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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