10 February 2021

‘Concrete targets are essential’ to curb overconsumption – ECOS welcomes European Parliament’s report on the Circular Economy Action Plan

The European Parliament calls for mandatory targets for material use and consumption footprint as part of their reaction to the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan.

The EP report calls on the European Commission to set binding 2030 targets for materials use and consumption footprint. No reference to such targets was made in the Commission’s draft plan, launched last year. [1]

Members gave their green light to the report this morning, with 574 votes in favour, 22 against and 95 abstentions. [2]

MEPs urge the Commission to act against the current linear ‘take-make-dispose’ economy and implement binding measures to transform the EU into a truly circular economy. MEPs ask for products to be designed in a way that promotes value retention, avoids waste, harmful substances and pollution, and protects human health, by broadening the scope of the Ecodesign Directive.

ECOS is pleased to welcome the EP’s position. Reducing overconsumption and embracing a true circular economy is the only way in which we can successfully achieve the climate transition. However, we must remember that ambitious targets need to be underpinned by robust calculation methods. The Commission should put forward harmonised, comparable and uniform circularity indicators and consumption footprints.  

Justin Wilkes, Executive Director at ECOS said:

‘‘Today, the European Parliament said very clearly: consumption targets are essential. A real transition to a circular economy that brings environmental benefits is only possible if we set a limit to the amount of resources we consume. MEPs had the courage to call for a crucial target that was still missing’. 


Press contact: Ivo Cabral – ivo.cabral@ecostandard.org 

Notes to editors:

[1] Circular Economy Action Plan – https://ec.europa.eu/environment/circular-economy/pdf/new_circular_economy_action_plan.pdf

[2] Press release by the European Parliament Circular economy: MEPs call for tighter EU consumption and recycling rules https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/press-room/20210204IPR97114/circular-economy-meps-call-for-tighter-eu-consumption-and-recycling-rules

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