25 October 2017

‘Boosting the Electric Vehicle Market in Europe: Plugging the Sustainability Gap’

The Public Policy Exchange organised a symposium on the current framework and challenges of the European electromobility sector on the 19th of September. ECOS Policy Officer Thomas Willson gave a presentation on the safety and standardisation challenges of enhancing the European electric vehicle market.

Standards can offer a technical foundation for the current transition towards electromobility but they face a number of obstacles. A key challenge is that standards that support electromobility and the related smart home architecture are often uncoordinated, each employing different approaches to data and shared infrastructure. Because of these differences, the way standards communicate and organise information can result in market fragmentation, vendor lock-in and higher costs for consumers. These issues can be traced to the structure of the European and international standardisation organisations, in which standards often evolve in silos with limited input from related industry sectors.

In his presentation Thomas provided an overview of the Clean Energy Package legislative proposals and the key electromobility standards that will support its implementation. There is a need for better communication between the different standardisation bodies to close the gap between the various standardisation developments and ensure the compatibility of our future electromobility transport system.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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