24 March 2016

Bad results: Standard on ‘Residential solid fuel burning appliances’ approved

Earlier this month, ECOS and INFORSE-Europe recommended standardisers to reject FprEN 16510-1 on “Residential solid fuel burning appliances” it. This is a product category within the scope of the Ecodesign regulations (specifically Regulation (EU) 2015/1185). Despite our recommendations, the current version of the standard was approved on 21 March by the national standardisation organisations.

ECOS hopes that despite the result, the standardisation group responsible will swiftly proceed with the renewal of the standard, which currently includes two methods, of which only one is compatible with the regulation, followed by a the development of a standard with only one preferred method.

During the voting period, ECOS argued against the approval of this standard, with the view to swiftly proceed with a standard that includes the methods in the regulation, and offers a more representative method for the measurement of NOx emissions of these appliances.


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