02 December 2015

Anti-climactic release of revised Circular Economy Package – The loop stays open

ECOS regrets that today’s release of the revised Circular Economy Package presents a package with many future intentions and few binding initiatives. While the Commission rightfully acknowledges the obstacles faced by the reuse and repair sector, particularly due to the unavailability of repair information and spare parts, the initiative fails to provide concrete actions on how to include reuse and repair in the “conventional loop” of waste collection. ECOS calls on the Commission to provide instruments which will boost and enhance preparation for reuse activities. 

ECOS welcomes that the role of the successful EU Ecodesign policy will be reinforced on aspects such as the repairability and durability of products, as well as design-for-recycling options. We, however, regret that no proposal is made to address the use of hazardous chemicals in a systematic manner, considering the risks that chemicals may pose during the life-cycle of products. In general, we deplore the lack of ambition in relation to chemicals of concern, and reiterate the need to make non-toxic life cycles a political priority in addition to tracking their presence in products.

Laura Degallaix, ECOS Director says:

“The Commission boasts about closing the loop, but seems to suggest that many problems of today can be dealt with tomorrow. The anti-climactic wait the Commission has made us endure sees Europe stumbling at the last hurdle, limiting the amount of new jobs which could have been created, and reducing recycling targets”.


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Image Source: EurActiv

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