26 September 2015

50% off energy bills – New EU rules for boilers

Tomorrow, new Ecodesign regulations come into force, making new space heaters, combination heaters, water heaters, and hot water storage tanks entering the market from the 26 September 2015 to meet specific energy efficiency requirements.   

The Regulation, will see “47 Fukushima-scale reactors offset by the standards by 2020; 56 million tonnes of oil equivalent annual savings; 15% of EU 2020 energy efficiency target met; 136 million tonnes of CO2 avoided by 2020; and 238,000 net new jobs created in Europe”, ECOS’ and EEB led campaign Coolproducts reports.

It is estimated that the payback time for purchasing and installing the energy efficient boilers is 3-4 years, seeing consumer energy bills cut in half. 

The European Commissions’ press statement on the regulation can be found here

Image source: wikiHow

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