20 April 2021

Report: Durable, repairable and mainstream: How ecodesign can make our textiles circular

As more clothes are produced, consumed, and thrown away than ever before, the current linear, take-make-dispose model followed by the textile industry is putting an enormous pressure on our planet – its resources, environment and climate. Our report shows how policymakers can apply the principles of ecodesign to textile products, and begin the transformation of the sector towards circularity.

Designing better is key: up to 80% of product environmental impacts are determined at the design stage. We urge the European Commission to apply the principles of ecodesign to textile products, following the model of electricals and electronics, regulated through the existing Ecodesign Directive. Legislation can and should stimulate sustainable design for durability, reusability, repairability and recyclability in textiles too.



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