15 April 2020

Taps & showers: will test methods help take the regulatory plunge?

We are still awaiting the regulatory way forward after a proposal by industry on a water label for taps and showerheads received criticism from the majority of Member States and other stakeholders at the Consultation Forum in December last year. Meanwhile, the European Commission has approached European Standardisation Organisations with the final draft Standardisation Request for the development of measurement methods for these products.

The lack of harmonised standards on the performance parameters has been blocking the regulatory developments for too long. It is now crucial to speed up the publication of the Standardisation Request in order to immediately develop the test methods for assessing functional performance aspects such as rinsing efficiency or comfort.

We believe that regardless of the current regulatory situation, the methods developed under this Standardisation Request should pave the way for legal requirements for taps and showerheads, especially in view of their great potential for water and energy savings.

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