Standard fostering product repairability now under public enquiry

European standard prEN45554, expected to provide a general methodology for the assessment of the ability to repair, reuse and upgrade energy-related products, is currently under public enquiry. It is key for civil society organisations to express their views on the draft before it goes to the second drafting phase before final vote and publication.

This standard is a step towards developing product-specific methodologies and will form the basis of all future regulatory provisions related to material efficiency. The method contains relevant definitions, lists a number of important criteria influencing repairability and finally establishes a way to compare and score products of the same group.

The draft standard is developed under the umbrella of CEN and CENELEC, as part of the standard series written in response to a European Commission standardisation request (M/543). ECOS has been instrumental in its development, including by holding the chairmanship of the CEN-CENELEC Working Group in charge. The draft methodology has already been acknowledged as the most appropriate method for repairability assessment criteria by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center [1]. It also provided the basis for the repair criteria study by the BeNeLux, VITO and KU Leuven [2].

ECOS invites its members, partners and allies to take part in the public consultation to ensure that the draft standard remains ambitious after the public enquiry before it is sent to the final drafting stage. The public enquiry is the only public consultation phase in the development process of a standard (lasting 3-5 years) and takes place in the middle of this period. Any changes made to the standard based on the input of the enquiry phase can no longer be removed.



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