28 October 2021

Online workshop: learn about civil society in standardisation & the case of reuse and refill!

The effective participation of environmental NGOs in standards-making is key to making sure our planet is protected by robust rules. Our upcoming online workshop co-organised with our member GLOBAL 2000 will look into how to make this engagement possible in Austria.

Join our online workshop, learn more about civil society engagement in standardisation and take a deep dive into how standards can boost reuse & refill!

Bringing together speakers from the European Commission, the Austrian Standards Body as well as Austrian industry and decision-makers, we will discuss:

  • Why it is important for civil society to be involved in standardisation;
  • How engagement of eNGOs in standards-making can be facilitated;
  • How the interplay of standards and policy plays out in practice focusing on the example of reuse & refill systems.

Take a look at the agenda.

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