01 December 2020

Watch our webinar on smart charging standards!

Would you like to learn more about smart charging of electric vehicles? Did you know that standards play an important role in making green e-mobility work? Watch our webinar to find out more!

On 1 December our Programme Manager Luka De Bruyckere, Lucien Mathieu from Transport & Environment (T&E) and Julia Hildermeier from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) led us through a webinar dedicated to green e-mobility and smart charging standards!

We discussed:

  • the importance of electrifying transport
  • the state of progress on e-mobility in the context of the EU Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive revision
  • smart charging and the role of power sector actors and grid operators
  • the current status of smart charging standards and the way forward

The webinar also presented our new report, which explores how European policies and standards can address environmental challenges presented by batteries, tyres and charging systems. 

You can download the slides here or watch the whole webinar:


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