02 March 2020

Interested in risk governance of nanomaterials? Don’t miss out on the RiskGONE webinar!

The upcoming webinar is your chance to find out more about the EU project dedicated to risk governance of engineered nanomaterials.

The H2020 RiskGONE project, where ECOS is a partner, is holding its first webinar on 19 March at 12:30 CET. The webinar will introduce participants to the work of the project towards solid procedures for science-based risk governance of engineered nanomaterials.

Project partners will explain the objectives, talk about their approach to risk governance and present the risk assessment and decision-making tools being used. The webinar will also give insights into how interested stakeholders can get involved and directly influence the future governance of nanomaterials in Europe and beyond.

RiskGONE is an EU H2020 project aiming at providing effective risk governance of nanomaterials, based on a clear understanding of risks and risk management practices. ECOS is actively involved in the project and leads on the communications activities.

Register here and learn more about the project at riskgone.eu!


ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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