25 July 2018

How do we make Circular Economy a reality? New brochure!

With circular economy objectives defined by policy, new terms are introduced such as repairability, upgradeability, recyclability and reusability.

Standards can provide definitions for these terms, as well as test and measurement methods for their monitoring, control and comparability. Standards can also set out design requirements for products in a circular economy for example on durability, repair, reuse or recycling, and avoiding toxic substances. At the end of a product’s long useful life, standards can again come in to ensure waste becomes quality recyclate that can be safely used as a raw material for a new product.

All these efforts are supported by global environmental management standards. ECOS is involved in the development of these standards, and many more, to make circular economy a reality.

Download our new brochure to learn more!

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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