Standardisation and policy 25 January 2019

Further delays for the iconic prEN 45554 standard on reparability of Ecodesign products

The public enquiry on the draft standard prEN45554 ended on 25 January. Even though the standard received a positive vote of the simple majority (54%) and of a weighted majority (55%), according to the CEN-CENELEC rules the standard will not be accepted (the rules specify the necessary weighted majority as above 71%). Therefore, the vote was overall negative and the standard cannot yet proceed to its final stages.

In its position paper launched during the the public enquiry, ECOS urged National Standardisation Bodies to vote positively and support the standard. We very much regret the negative result: unfortunately, almost six years after the inception of this project, two Standardisation Requests and three enquiries (two secretarial enquiries and one public enquiry) on prEN 45554, the delivery of the method is facing potential new delays. Timely and effective progress in the group is deterred, with fundamental circular economy concepts such as repair information provision and availability of spare parts being attacked by a group dominated by industry representatives.

ECOS will intensify its efforts towards developing a meaningful standard, and calls for stronger material efficiency provisions in Ecodesign and Energy labelling regulations. Postponing such regulatory measures until after the M/543 standards are made available is neither necessary nor justified.

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