16 September 2019

ECOS signs call for a science-based EU sustainable taxonomy

Together with over 50 NGOs ECOS signed a statement with ten priority issues on the EU "taxonomy" for sustainable investments launched by WWF today. The upcoming taxonomy aims to show which economic activities are sustainable to help guide investors and prevent greenwashing.

The criteria on which the taxonomy will be based are being defined by the European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on sustainable finance: it ran a consultation on its proposed criteria, which closed on 13 September. 

The next three months are the key period when the Technical Expert Group will finalise the criteria and then send them to the Commission. NGOs are concerned that this taxonomy must stay science-based and have therefore published a statement summarising their ten priority issues.

Find more information on the WWF initiative here

Read the joint NGO Statement “Ten Priorities for the Taxonomy Consultation” here

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