Refrigerants 22 November 2018

ECOS presented LIFE FRONT project’s first deliverables at the ATMOsphere conference

DscYK8IXoAEdE18On 21 November, ECOS Programme Manager Rita Tedesco presented the Life FRONT project at the natural refrigerants conference ATMOSphere 2018 in Italy, informing participants how they can contribute to the revision of standards for hydrocarbons.

She also presented theproject’s preliminary results to the standardisation working group (WG), created in response to the EC Standardisation Request on F-gases.

The F-Gas Standardisation Request requires CEN-CENELEC to develop an assessment study, which targets obstacles to flammable refrigerants in European standards, and to produce a standardisation deliverable that resolves any identified barriers to the use of those refrigerants no later than November 2020.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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