30 September 2018

ECOS meets with a number of NGOs within the ENgage project

Work under the ENgage project is progressing fast. In the past couple of months, ECOS visited several countries and met project partners and NGOs.

In Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria, we discussed the respective roles and expectations in the ENgage project and organised the future cooperation and inputs. ECOS also gave the environmental NGOs involved in each country – Friends of the Earth Latvia and Bulgaria, as well as Environmental Coalition Lithuania – a personalised training on standardisation with a focus on environmental matters.

These visits enabled ECOS to better understand how the National Standards Bodies in Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria operate and learn about existing initiatives to encourage participation of civil society actors in the standardisation system in each of these countries. With the NGOs, we thoroughly discussed their main environmental issues and to what extent standards could be an appropriate tool.

What’s next for ECOS as part of the project?

  • In the coming months, ECOS will visit the remaining partners’ countries;
  • On 17-18 October, all of the project partners and NGOs will come to Brussels to attend the SABE meetings and give strategic input to CEN on environmental issues.

ENgage is a three-year partnership of ECOS, CEN and the National Standardisation Bodies of Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta and the Czech Republic. It also engages environmental NGOs based in all these countries. It aims at involving national standards bodies and NGOs in the environmental standardisation developments, and more specifically the work taking place within CEN Strategic Advisory Body on Environment (SABE).

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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