Standardisation and policy 12 January 2019

ECOS continues to advocate for better inclusiveness of the standardisation system

ECOS, ANEC, ETUC and SBS called for a constructive dialogue to ensure inclusiveness of the standardisation process at the international level. The four stakeholders sent joint letters to the international standardisation organisations, ISO and IEC.

As the collective voice of civil society and SMEs in the development of standards, the four organisations share the common goal for the standardisation process to include all interested stakeholders. The greater involvement of otherwise underrepresented stakeholders provides new outlooks, brings a wealth of technical expertise to the standardisation process, and contributes to building confidence in the standardisation system.

ECOS will continue to push for improved civil society participation in standardisation at the international level, especially as more and more standards are being developed internationally, and protection of the environment is a global issue that needs to take place at all levels.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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