30 September 2018

ECOS at the 5th International Workshop on Power Transformer Performances

ECOS Programme Manager Nerea Ruiz will discuss market surveillance issues during the 5th International Workshop on Power Transformer Performances, which will be held in Brussels on 14 November. The event will address the changing market environment for power transformers, their regulatory requirements and environmental considerations.Ruiz will also use this opportunity to present the first outcomes of the INTAS project.

More about the workshop and registration: click here.

INTAS, ‘Industrial and Tertiary Product Testing and Application of Standards’, is a three-year project, running from April 2016 to March 2019, funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme. The project aims to provide technical and cooperative support and capacity building activities to Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) concerned with the enforcement of Ecodesign Directive requirements for very large products.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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