Environmental health 11 February 2019

ECOS and partners welcome ban on halogenated flame retardants in electronic displays

ECOS, EEB and the Coolproducts Campaign have written to the European Commission President Juncker to express their strong support for a recent provision to exclude halogenated flame retardants from electronic displays. In the context of the revision of the Ecodesign measures on televisions and electronic displays, the European institutions have rightfully decided that the use of these flame retardants should not be permitted anymore.

This is a positive move to protect the environment an health of EU citizens and ensure safer and more cost-effective recycling of these products. Unless the EU Parliament now decides to raise an objection to this measure which would be surprising given the years of collective efforts to define it, the adoption process should follow its course without being questioned.

It is our view that it is possible to ban all halogenated flame retardants from products entering the EU market, and to continue evaluating non-halogenated flame retardants for their hazardousness through legislation such as REACH. Due to the years of work excluding halogenated flame retardants, several alternatives have been, and continue to be, developed so drop-in alternatives are now established and already available on the market.

Read the full letter here.

Follow up:

  • ECOS has been working towards eliminating the use of flame retardants for years. Read more here and here.

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