25 September 2018

ECOS and DOOR meet the Croatian standardisation organisation HZN

zagrebOn 20 September, the Directors of ECOS and our Croatian member, DOOR, met the Director of the Croatian Standardisation Institute (HZN) and his team. This high-level meeting was held to explore how to build a closer relationship between the environmental NGOs community and the Standardisation Institute in Croatia.

DOOR, or the Croatian Society for Sustainable Design, joined ECOS as a member back in 2013 with the intention to strengthen the voice of environmental NGOs in standardisation. The organisation has been strategically engaging in our work through representation in the ECOS Executive Committee. They subsequently decided to take a step further by engaging in the AccESS Project in early 2017. The project aims to help national environmental NGOs participate in the development of European standards through ECOS.

Having acquired sufficient knowledge about standards and a first glance of the standardisation system, the organisation is now exploring how to make their voice heard in standardisation developments directly in Croatia. The meeting with HZN was a key starting point, allowing both parties to discuss their respective priorities in order to find a way to cooperate. HZN seemed open to such collaboration and willing to facilitate the participation of environmental NGOs by making it free of charge and providing tailor-made trainings and support tools. HZN also gave their support to the National Workshop co-organised by DOOR and ECOS on 21 September.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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