Waste in a Circular Economy 06 December 2018

CEWASTE project kicks off: Closing the Loop for Critical Raw Materials!

Less than 10% of critical raw materials, like rare earth elements, are recycled in our economy. That is why ECOS has joined the consortium of a new H2020 project called CEWASTE which aims to stimulate sustainable recycling and treatment of e-waste and particularly the recovery of critical raw materials from products like electrical/electronic equipment, solar panels, batteries etc.

During the kick-off meeting on the 5th of December we met with our partners, including World Resources Forum, Oeko Institut, United Nations University, WEEE Forum and Sofies, to launch this ambitious project which will contribute to the EU’s Raw Materials Initiative by developing sustainability and traceability requirements, amongst other deliverables.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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