11 February 2019

Call for tender – Applying the principle of “ecodesign” to plastic products

ECOS seeks to commission a study exploring ways to drive more environmentally responsible design of plastics and plastic containing products. This means that plastics and products containing plastic parts should be designed for a long useful life and at the end of their useful life they should be easy to disassemble, fit for re-use, or easily recyclable. The aim of this work is to help us better target our activities and to develop a more comprehensive approach to them. The study is also intended to provide contribution to the implementation of the European Commission’s Plastics Strategy, the EU’s Product Policy Framework contributing to the Circular Economy, and its efforts to promote the ecodesign of plastics and plastic-containing products.

Therefore, the objective of the study is to provide a solid and comprehensive analysis of different tools and the potential to integrate ecodesign principles of plastics and of plastic containing products into these, including:

  • Avoidance of unnecessary plastic, e.g. by tackling over-packaging, or where better alternatives exist
  • Modularity of components (such as those made of plastic)
  • Durability of plastics for easy re-use
  • Safe and practical/effective recyclability of plastics and plastic components
  • Use of recycled materials (focusing on plastics) in products (e.g. minimum recycled content)

The study should examine various product policy options to achieve the above objectives including regulation, sectoral policies, standards and other potential tools. Both existing and potentially new instruments should be explored and recommendations formulated towards achieving objectives of reduction, re-use and safe recycling.

Tenderers are requested to submit a proposal by 12:00 CET Wednesday 27 February 2019 outlining:

  • A brief description of the tenderer’s understanding of the analysis demanded.
  • A description of the anticipated activities to achieve the desired analysis.
  • A description of how close coordination with ECOS will be ensured throughout the project.
  • A description of the proposed outputs, including a draft structure for the full report.
  • A detailed timeline on milestones and deadlines.
  • Budgeting for each element of the work.
  • Biographies and time availability of the key staff delivering the work, as well as their areas of expertise.

The budget available for this work is €40,000, inclusive of VAT, and all other costs incurred by the subcontractor.

Tenderers are requested to submit a proposal by Wednesday 27th February to info@ecostandard.org.

Please see the full call for tender for more details on the background, objective, budget, and timeline.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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