16 July 2018

“Bioplastics” won’t solve plastic pollution! – new infographic


Bioplastics” have attracted significant attention from policy makers and media both because of their “green” properties and potential contribution to solve the plastic pollution crisis.

There is a lot of confusion about the very terms used in this debate, however: what does “bio-based plastic” mean? What does “biodegradable plastic” mean? What are the exact properties of “bioplastics”?

The new infographic (click!) developed together with Rethink Plastic and released today, aims to debunk some of the expectations and myths around “bioplastics”. The conclusion is indisputable: “bioplastics” are still plastics, and all efforts should be directed towards prevention and re-use.

Rethink Plastic is an alliance of leading European NGOs, including ECOS, with one common aim: a future that is free from plastic pollution. We represent hundreds of thousands of active groups, supporters and citizens in every EU Member State. We bring together policy and technical expertise from a variety of relevant fields and are part of the global Break Free From Plastic movement, consisting of over 800 NGOs and millions of citizens worldwide.

ECOS is co-funded by the European Commission and EFTA

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