Standardisation and Policy

Standardisation and policy

Standards are increasingly being used in support of European legislation and policies, and influence their implementation. However, the private nature of the European standardisation organisations combined with the voluntary nature of standards make the monitoring and control by legislators over the development of standards challenging. Moreover, the standard development process lacks transparency with civil society participation remaining sporadic, uncoordinated and insufficient, particularly at national level.

What we are working on

  • Ensure an effective participation of the environmental voice in a more transparent and inclusive standardisation system resulting in standards fit to support EU policy objectives and address environmental challenges.
  • Promote environmental mainstreaming into standardisation, including the systematic and consistent consideration of environmental aspects in standards and other standardisation deliverables.
  • Advocate for the proper implementation of Regulation (EU) 1025/2012 on European standardisation, which aims to modernise and improve the European standard setting process.
  • Encourage a close monitoring and control of standardisation developments by European legislators.
  • Empower an effective participation of civil society organisations (including ECOS members) in standardisation at national, European and international level.
  • Making the strategic and political groups of the European Commission and European standardisation organisations more inclusive, including the Committee on Standards, Annex III Coordination Group, European Commission’s inter-institutional dialogue on standardisation, CEN and CENELEC General Assemblies, Technical Boards and Policy Working Groups, CEN-CENELEC Societal Stakeholder Group (SSG), CEN-CENELEC REFIT Mirror Group, as well as ETSI General Assembly, 3SI Programme, and ESSREV Board Group.

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