Ecodesign & Energy Labelling

Ecodesign & Energy-labelling legislation

The Ecodesign and Energy Labelling policies constitute effective tools to achieve major energy, resource and CO2 reductions, by banning from the market the least efficient products (Ecodesign), while pushing consumers towards better products (Energy Labelling). The ambitious implementation of these policies is vital for the success of the circular and clean energy agendas. We aim at ambitious requirements, both from an energy efficiency and material efficiency perspective, for as many product types as possible.

What we are working on

  • We co-lead the Coolproducts Campaign, a coalition of NGOs working at national and European level to fully materialise the potential of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling policies.
  • We contribute to improving the policy framework thanks to over 10 years of experience working all along the Ecodesign process, and have a seat in the European Commission expert group dealing with these policies.
  • We deliver advocacy and communications campaigns pushing for more durable, repairable and efficient products.
  • We ensure that the voice of environmental NGOs is heard at every step of the policy development.

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    The EU has recently paved the way for longer-lasting products. Now we must enshrine this ambition into our future European Green Deal, Coolproducts campaigners wrote in a letter to the incoming European Commission this week.

  • ECOS and partners join forces to launch a Right to Repair campaign in Europe

    With only 35% of electronic waste in the EU being collected and treated properly, the detrimental effects of our throwaway culture are ever more apparent - and we have had enough. Studies have shown that a great majority of EU consumers would rather repair their goods than buy new ones. The time is right to ensure that products placed on the EU market are designed to be durable and can be repaired when broken.

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