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Material efficiency standards

In order to support Ecodesign provisions for material efficiency, methods for the assessment and measurement of relevant aspects such as product durability, reparability and recyclability are under development. ECOS participates in these processes under M/543 and also aspires to participate in the development of such methods at product-specific level.

What we are working on

  • We actively participate in the drafting of standards developed under Standardisation Request M/543 developing methods to assess the repairability, durability, recyclability, of energy related products.
  • We convene the working group developing the method to assess the repairability (prEN45554).
  • We ensure that material efficiency aspects are introduced and systematically considered in standardisation requests and future product-specific standards.

Related news

  • EN 45554: A standard that works for the environment

    The much awaited standard EN 45554 for the assessment of repairability, reusability and upgradeability (RRU) of ecodesign products has finally been published. A major step towards better design and waste reduction, its methodology identifies criteria to determine how easy it is to repair, reuse or upgrade products ranging from household appliances to consumer electronics.

  • M/543 series of horizontal standards on material efficiency soon to be finalised

    Good news from the standardisation front: we are pleased to report on the positive formal votes on two standards: method to assess the durability (EN 45552) and method to assess the proportion of recycled content (EN 45557) of energy related products.

  • Call for tender – the representation of consumer interest in standardisation work related to ecodesign and energy labelling

    ECOS is looking for a subcontractor under the Action Grant N° ENER/C4/SGA-2019-486, the subject of the action is the support to environmental and consumer interests for participating in Technical Committees and Working Groups on Standardisation in the framework of the partnership with ECOS aimed at promoting and improving the inclusiveness of environmental interests in European standardisation activities.

Contact person

Mélissa Zill
Programme Manager+32 2 894 46 68

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