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Energy systems

The European power sector is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. Power generation has become progressively more decarbonised, distributed and renewable. Wind power and solar photovoltaics have formed part of this trend and will continue to dominate in the future. As these sources increase in market share, so too will the volatility of the power system supply-side. In parallel, power systems are increasingly digitalised and interconnected with other sectors and infrastructure. Information Communication Technologies (ICT) have opened new possibilities in the active management of power systems and strengthened the ability of the demand side to react to changes to the price of electricity. Standards offer the technical foundation for this transition. Our goal is to ensure a clean, smart and secure power system.

What we are working on

  • Improving the system and component interoperability within the smart home, and reflect shortcomings at the political level;
  • Developing the “Customer Energy Manager” standard to support demand-side flexibility in smart buildings;
  • Standardisation developments related to Smart Energy Grid and Smart Meter, including home and buildings;
  • The European Commission’s Smart Grid Task Force Expert Group on Demand-side Flexibility, with the aim to support coherence between smart grid standardisation activities and EU policies.

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